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Who We Are

About Us

We imagine a future in which the people of Memphis are financially stable, functionally literate, and actively engaged in our community. This future will be achieved by ensuring all children have access to a quality public education regardless of their zip-code.

Led by national education experts, Memphis Education Fund convenes educational partners and helps them coalesce around the highest priorities for improvement. We believe that focusing our joint efforts on attainable outcomes will lead us toward high-quality educational opportunities for our kids in the lowest performing schools.

Memphis Education Fund supports successful public schools of all kinds with a focus on outcomes, not on particular models. The strength of our work is in the partnerships and relationships we build with leaders, educators, and innovators in Memphis and beyond.

Our History

  • Introducing MEF

    Introducing MEF

    Memphis Education Fund is established as an education advocate and quarterback for the city of Memphis. Our investment strategy focuses on advocacy and talent pipeline development. Our Advocacy Coalition is formed with local and state-wide education-focused organizations.

  • A New Partnership

    A New Partnership

    Shelby County School Board passes a charter compact as a result of the work of the Advocacy Coalition and Memphis charter school parents. The charter compact allows for the beginning of a partnership between the district and the charter schools it authorizes.

  • Facility Funds Initiative

    Facility Funds Initiative

    Through a statewide effort involving members of the Advocacy Coalition and other partners, the Tennessee legislature establishes the Charter School Facilities Funds to assist charter schools with funds for acquiring and improving their facilities.

  • Educator Growth Milestones

    Educator Growth Milestones

    Our talent pipeline work has:

    • recruited and trained ~1,000 teachers for the Memphis landscape through three core partners – Teacher For America, Memphis Teacher Residency, and Relay Graduate School of Education.
    • Supported over 200 leaders with access to development programs.
  • Launch New Innovation Fund

    Launch New Innovation Fund

    MEF launches our Innovation Fund, allowing us to make smaller, pilot-level grants to support innovation in Memphis education.

  • MEF Refreshes, Disburses, and Sets Up Resources

    MEF Refreshes, Disburses, and Sets Up Resources
    • MEF refreshes and begins directly managing the Memphis School Guide, a parent/family resource for selecting the right school for all students.
    • MEF disburses over $1.3M directly to students and families through our Family CARES grants during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • MEF sets up Virtual Learning Center to support students and families with remote learning during the pandemic.
  • MEF Reflects on 6 Years of Success

    MEF Reflects on 6 Years of Success
    • Impact Report, outlining the impact of Memphis Education Fund since its inception, is released.
    • Opportunity 901 launches to provide public accountability for ESSER Funds in collaboration with over 10 community organizations/partners.
  • Student Achievement

    Student Achievement
    • Memphis Education Fund and our partners successfully advocates for the passage of TISA, Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement, a new student-funding formula.
    • Memphis Education Fund supports Memphis Shelby-County Schools in launching a national superintendent search.
  • Education Partnership

    Education Partnership

    Memphis Education Fund launches our school-based investment strategy, partnering directly with schools and education partners.